Glasses vs Contact Lens Comparison | Glasses vs Contact Lens

Glasses and Contact Lens Comparison

• Glasses are used externally but contact lenses used over cornea (over black eyeball).

• Glasses give you lesser field of view and contact lenses give wider field of view and natural vision.

• Glasses cost depend on frame and lenses quality but contact lenses starts with the range of ₹1000 (MRP in Indian markets).

• Glasses need less maintenance but contact lenses need little more maintenance (compare with glasses).

• Glasses and lenses are available in UV and non-UV protection but few contact lenses are UV protected.

• Glasses get fog with temperature change but contact lenses do not fog.

• Glasses are uncomfortable and slippy over nose and ear but contact lenses doesn't has.

• Contact lenses can change your eye color temporarily (especially for parties and functions) but with glasses you can not.

• Glasses can be worn or remove any time as per convenience but contact lenses need more hygiene.

• High prescription of glasses  are heavy over nose and ear - may cause sinus congestion migraine and discomfort but contact lenses do not has.

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