Eye care tips for kids

There are several tips you can follow so that your child's eyes remain healthy and see clearly from birth through the teen years.

Eat right both during pregnancy and after so that your baby will be healthier.

Provide nutritious meals with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish (for non-vegetarian). These foods contain key antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin, E, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and lutein, which are linked to eye health. 

Provide your child with age-appropriate toys that are free from sharp edges.

Give your child toys that encourage visual development.

Watch your baby for signs that the eyes are crossed or turned out/in.

Look at your baby for any dullness or whitish appearance in black eyeball.    

Provide sun protection means child should not look at sun while playing in outdoors, this may damage internal eye (retina).

Your child's eyes should be examined regularly, particularly during infancy and childhood.

First aid tips for eye injuries:
• If your child spills something in his or her eye and you don't know what it is, or if there is a chemical (acid or alkaline) substances in it, flush your child's eye with water for at least 15-20 minutes and seek ophthalmic consultation at the earliest.

• If your child is hit in the eye with a blunt object, examine the eye closely. If you see bleeding or unable to open the eyelids, seek ophthalmic consultation at the earliest.

• If your child continues to be in pain, constantly rubs his or her injured eye, has persistent tearing, or complains of blurry or double vision - in the meantime, cover your child's injured eye with a cold pack for 5-10 minutes every hour or so.

• If your child's eye is injured with a sharp object, do NOT press on the eye or eyelid. Cover the eye with a shield (the cut-out bottom of a foam cup would do) and seek immediate ophthalmic consultation. If the sharp object is still in the child's eye DO NOT remove it. Instead cover the eye with eye cup or shield.

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