Common causes of headache

Now-a-day most of population is suffering from headache at any age of life. Due to this person experience pain and discomfort in the head and scalp or neck. A headache can happen in any part of the head, both sides of head or in one location of head. Headache may or may not be associated with vertigo, nausea and vomiting.

Very common causes of headache are stress, emotional distress, digital screen usage, excessive air conditioner exposure (AC), general health, cold, cough, sinus, gastric issues, improper diet (skipping meals), poor sleep, poor posture while reading etc. If sometimes headache become very severe that make us difficult to concentrate at work and perform other daily activities. Sometimes headache is difficult to describe but some common symptoms throbbing squeezing, constant and intermittent.

In 2013, the International Headache Society released its latest classification system for headache. 

There are different types of headache including primary headaches, secondary headaches and Cranial neuralgias, facial pain, and other headaches.

Primary headache includes tension, migraine and cluster headache. 

Tension headache is most common type of headache but cause is unknown. Few factors like stress, improper sleep and meals skipping can cause tension headache. Uncorrected refractive error can cause eye strain, poor sitting posture can cause muscle strain – develop tension headache. 


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