Progressive Lens Designs

Progressive Lens Designs

Population age than 40 years having confusion that which type of glasses they should use! As they find discomfort while seeing ingredient/price tag on product or teaching their child/children.

Glasses with distance and near vision correction are called bifocal. This comes with 'D shape' or 'Circle shape' or 'straight line' bifocal. This type of lens can give confusion in vision while walking, climbing up & down on stairs, when vision falls at the junction of distance and near segment. It is difficult to see monitor with this type of glasses. And person may experience back and neck pain.

Progressive lens provides clear vision in vertically (distance to near) without image jump but creates distortion in peripheral vision (side vision). But this distortion may depend on the design of progressive lens. Progressive lens comes in different field of vision i.e. Narrow (hard design), medium and wider (soft design) field of vision progressive lens.

Wider field of vision progressive lenses are the best choice to use where user may have very less distortion in side vision, better comfort while adaptation, lesser adaptation time.

Progressive lenses are available with top brands like Essilor, Zeiss etc.