Ideas Panel in Blogger blog | Recommended Ideas for your blog Beta Version

New Ideas in Blogger blog | Recommended Ideas for your blog Beta Version

What is Ideas panel in blogger blog?

If you are looking for what is “Ideas Panel” in a Blogger blog, then you have come across the right blog post. Let you explain clearly what the Ideas Panel is and how can you start using it for your blog?
Ideas Panel in Blogger is a new feature from the Blogger platform. What are the sentences visible towards right side of your blog’s dash board? The main goal behind this is to help bloggers find new content ideas for their blog posts.

Ideas panel is a side panel that is visible on the right side of your blogger dashboard. To view the "Ideas panel" on Blogger, go to blogger Posts as shown in the screenshots. You can visualize the Ideas panel on the right side of the blogger dashboard. 
Idea Panel
Ideas Panel gives the best-recommended ideas for your blog. You can discover the latest ideas by seeing unanswered questions from the internet in the Ideas panel.

When we run out of ideas, Ideas Panel definitely helps bloggers to figure out what content they can post for their next blog post.

You can click on the Ideas Panel to expand it. On clicking the Ideas panel you will start to see relevant questions for your blog which are asked by a real user on the internet search engine.

You can find different categories of questions for your blog which are asked by a real user and you can even visualize more ideas for your blog by scrolling down the ideas panel on Blogger.
Idea Panel
 You can combine all the questions in a single post but it is better to describe a detailed explanation for a particular one topic. In such a scenario, you can create a separate post describing the question for your blog which are asked by a real user.

The Blogger Ideas Panel may not automatically show up in every blog. As you can see Ideas panel on Blogger is in the BETA version and it only showed up to a few users. I say this because the Ideas panel showed up on one of my blogs which gets decent organic traffic from Google. But for another blog that I manage, it didn't show up.

I felt that Ideas Panel in Blogger is really very useful. If the Blogger Ideas Panel rolls out, it would definitely help content writers to find ideas relevant to their blog.

My first experience, when I saw the ideas panel on blogger was amazing. The ideas panel suggested unique and interesting questions that I never think about it, which were relevant to my blog.

I have explored about blogger ideas panel on the internet and couldn't find much relevant answer. So I have written this blog post basing on my own interest and knowledge.
If you are not utilizing ideas from the Ideas panel for your blog for sometimes then it will disappear automatically. In case you are not utilizing this Ideas panel still keep clicking the start button to retain it in your blog.

Hope this information helped you. Please do comment in the comment box to share your opinions.

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