How to select a Contact Lens for your Eyes? | Contact Lens selection

Contact lenses are thin lenses made up of polished plastic (hydrogel or silicone) material, that are directly placed on the front surface of the eye. Contact lenses are an ocular medical device used to correct vision or for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes by people worldwide. People choose to wear contact lenses to avoid wearing glasses, with which field of vision or peripheral vision increases. Contact lenses are preferred for cosmetic purposes, sports, and other outdoor activities. Contact lens wearers can also use sunglasses or goggles to protect them from bright light or glare. There are different types of contact lenses to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Today I am here with a new post on How to select a contact lens for yourself? The answer to this question is really very tough but in this post, I have made all my effort to make you understand how to make a good selection for your contact lenses. Hope it might be helpful to you!

Contact lenses are a replacement of spectacles. After wearing contact lenses, a person can see as natural vision and the field of vision increases up to 99%. People can also wear sun shades too with contact lenses.

Before buying any contact lenses there are some simple questions to ask. These questions will help you to decide which contact lens suits your need. So you need to ask these simple questions to yourself.

First, you need to decide at what time you want to use your contact lenses. The next question should be asked that how many hours you want to use them. And finally, what is your budget to buy the contact lenses? If you ask these questions to yourself, definitely you can judge your choice of contact lens.

But you should ask a few more questions to yourself like what is your digital screen usage? And how many hours you spend in AC? If you add these few more questions, then you can judge the best contact lenses for your eyes.

Some people want to use contact lenses on an occasional basis while some others want to use contact lenses on an everyday basis. Some of them want to use them for a few hours while some of them want to use them for a maximum of waking hours.

So, there are different types of contact lenses with different modalities of usage. If you want to use a contact lens only for party functions, sports activities, or sometimes while going out for shopping, etc. then a daily disposable contact lens will be the best option for you. These lenses comes single lens blister. You need not to clean or store them at all. Just open the blister of the contact lens and wear them and now you are ready to go. Hygiene and maintenance wise these lenses are most hygienic. Infection in eyes with these types of contact lenses is close to zero percent. If you are fond of swimming then these lenses would be best choice for swimming as these lenses can be discarded after swim.

If your work schedule is not allowing you to take care of your contact lenses every day then a daily disposable contact lens would be advisable for you. You can put a pair of contact lenses in your eyes after taking bath in morning  and remove them before going to bed from your eyes.

If you are willing to wear lenses for longer hours then silicone hydrogel daily disposable lenses are the best choice. These lenses are available from Johnson & Johnson, Bausch&Lomb and Coopervision - you can wear these lenses for up to 18 hours occasionally basis without hesitation.

If you are willing to wear lenses up to 12 hours then hydrogel lenses is a good option. You can wear these lenses for up to 12 hours. These lenses are available from Johnson & Johnson, Bausch&Lomb, Coopervision and Alcon.

If in case your contact lens usage is more than thrice a week and you find daily disposable contact lenses are out of your budget then it is better to prefer reusable contact lenses as expenses on these lenses become cost-effective.

Again these lenses are available in silicone hydrogel and hydrogel material. So if you want to use lenses every day for up to 14 hours per day then silicone hydrogel lenses would be the best choice of contact lenses. But if you want to use lenses for up to 10-11 hours per day then you can select hydrogel material of contact lenses.

If your choice of contact lenses is not available in daily or monthly disposable contact lenses then you can use conventional contact lenses. But these contact lenses should be used up to 8 hours per day.

If you use hydrogel reusable contact lenses for a long time then hydrogel lenses are not the best choice. This type of lenses may cause oxygen-related changes in your eyes which can, later on, cause an eye infection.

Finally, it is my personal opinion that you should use silicone hydrogel contact lens for whatever time duration you want to use so that your eyes will remain always healthy and your eyes will not face oxygen related issues (corneal hypoxia).

Hopefully, after reading this post you might have selected your choice of contact lens. Be happy and infection-free after wearing contact lenses. Keep reading our other contact lens-related posts.