Many friends want to show themselves different in social events and stage programmes. They usually use color contact lens to change their eye’s appearance which allow them to look cosmetically unique in parties or in stage program.

Color contact lenses improve a person’s appearance cosmetically. I guarantee this post will definitely guide you to select a good color contact lens for your eyes. Anyone of us can use color contact lens and change our eyes color cosmetically. Color contact lenses are easily accessible in the market.

You may not know that color contact lenses are having a very narrow range for selection. Only few brands are available in India. Currently in India, only Bausch & Lomb (B&L) and Alcon are leaders in color contact lenses. Earlier time Alcon color lenses were known as CibaVision. But you should purchase these color lenses from genuine place.

People usually use Color contact lens while attending parties, functions, and stage programs.

At earlier times only hydrogel color contact lenses were available in the market which was not good for long-wearing hours. With these lenses eyes usually receives less oxygen which may impact on the eye’s health.

But now silicone hydrogel color contact lenses are available in the Indian market which can be used for long wearing hours with lesser impact on the eye’s health. These contact lenses are made with pigmented molecules due to which eyes receives good amount of oxygen.

Currently in India, only Bausch & Lomb (B&L) and Alcon are best brands in color contact lenses. These two brands are multinational brands providing different varieties of color contact lenses. Some color contact lenses are available from local brands in the Indian market at attractive prices as well which may not be good for your eye’s health.

Bausch & Lomb is having Optima NaturalLook and Lacelle range in market with different colors.

Bausch & Lomb Lacelle color contact lenses offers two and three-tone of color contact lenses. In Lacelle category, only the Premium and Circle range comes with plano and minus power up to 10 dioptres and other Lacelle range comes with plano means zero number.

Alcon is having FreshLook and AirOptix color range.

These lenses are available in plano power (means zero number), minus power up to 8 dioptres and some color contact lenses are available in plus power up to 6 dioptres in FreshLook range only.

If you are planning to purchase higher minus power or plus power then your color contact lens range becomes very limited and very few colors are available.

Plus power color contact lenses are having very limited range with FreshLook ColorBlends only. In color contact lenses, wider range of plus power is not available and cylindrical or astigmatism powers are not at all available in India.

Alcon FreshLook range color contact lenses are printed with a combination of colors and that's the reason these lenses provide less oxygen to the eyes and can be worn up to 8-10 hours. But Alcon Airoptix colorblends comes with pigmented molecule due to which eyes receives good amount of oxygen

Silicone hydrogel color contact lenses can be used on an everyday basis which does not impact much on the eye’s health.

Hydrogel color contact lenses are good for occasional wear with any brand. Hydrogel color contact lenses are available in monthly disposable and daily disposable also. Daily disposable color contact lens is available from Alcon FreshLook oneday only.

Any time daily disposable contact lenses are the best option for occasional wearer where you need not worry about care regimen at all.

Pure hazel, gem stone green, gray and honey are common colors that people use. With color contact lens make-up can be applied during wedding and festival. During pandemic (COVID-19) time daily disposable contact lenses are best choice. Contact lenses should be worn under the direction and supervision of an eye care professional.