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Hey there! Welcome to eyeandcontacts.com. This website was founded by Anjul Kumar (consultant optometrist at LVPEI). He has an experience of more than 20 years, dealing with various eye problems.

During his work, he used to find many people with different problems. So, he decided to create a website that would help people to cure little eye problems at home. This website gives information about many eye-related problems like Amblyopia, Cataracts, Conjunctivitis, Glare, Headache, Myopia, Red Eyes, Eye Allergies, etc. This website also provides knowledge for people who like wearing spectacles, and contact lenses, and also gives information about nutritious food for eyes, computer usage tips, frame selection, safety eyeglasses, etc.

You can also enjoy reading about how to start an optical business. We also aim to provide in providing many blogger tips. Do visit our website for the latest update about the eye-related problem. You may order your contact lens/spectacles by sending us your prescription details here! If you have any eye-related problems, you may visit our Eye Clinic - Swadha Eye Contacts.

Swadha Eye Contacts is a comprehensive place for a perfect eye check-up. Here you can also place your contact lens and spectacles at a very reasonable price. Thanks for reading about us! Have a nice day ahead.

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