Infection with Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lens gives you constant, crisp, clear vision and wider field of view than glasses. But sometimes wearing contact lens puts you at risk of several eye problems including eye infections and corneal ulcers. Sometimes these condition can develop very quick and serious too. In rare case, this condition can cause blindness.

If you experience any symptoms in the eye with contact lens wear.
• Remove your contact lens immediately and do not put them back in your eyes.
• Consult to contact lens practitioner or Eye specialist as soon as possible.
• Do not throw away your contact lens but put them in lens case sometimes they may sent for laboratory to determine the cause of infections.

Symptoms with Contact Lens

• Itching irritation, burning sensation
• Discomfort
• Excessive tearing or watering with or without any discharge
• Unusual sensitivity to light
• Gritty sensation
• Unusual redness
• Blurred vision
• Swelling of eyelids
• Pain in the eyes.

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