Contact Lens Comfort at the End of the Day

Do your contact lenses sometimes feel uncomfortable at the end of the day? Or, have they recently started to feel less comfortable than they once did? If so, there may be a very straight-forward reason for your discomfort. There’s a simple fix.

Lifespan of Your Lenses?
Do you always replace your lenses according to the prescribed schedule?  
If not, you are falling in major group, studies shows participant wore their lenses for longer than manufacturers recommendation.
So why is it so important to toss your worn lenses on schedule? Over time, your lenses undergo changes that you can’t yet see but they can have meaningful consequences, particularly with regard to comfort.

Contact Lens contain small pores that allow oxygen and nutrients to reach your cornea. But over time, these pores fill with proteins and other debris. You can wash most of this off every night, but over time it starts to build up, while the contact lens itself starts to break down. The result is limited oxygen permeability and a buildup of unhealthy materials.

Contact Lens Practitioner Knows Best
Extensive research shows that the use of contact lenses past the scheduled replacement date is associated with inferior performance with respect to comfort and vision. Indeed, comfort declines and complaints of dryness increase with longer periods of wear. On the flip side, many studies have reported that improved comfort is linked with increasing lens replacement frequency.
Your Contact Lens Practitioner probably spent a lot of time discussing proper lens replacement with you. The recommendation you were given with regard to the lifespan of your lenses is based on solid clinical science. So, whatever lenses you wear, it’s important to follow replacement guidelines. If you’re not sure what they are, call your Contact Lens Practitioner and ask.
Overextending the life of your lenses is never worthwhile, whereas the benefits you’ll experience when you put on a fresh pair will remind you of why you chose contact lenses in the first place.

Lens Manufacturers Can Also Help
Contact Lens Researcher and lens manufacturers have been working together to develop ways to keep you comfortable in contact lenses. Their combined research and clinical experience has revealed that one of the best ways to maintain healthy lens wear is to offer lenses in annual supply packs only, thereby making it easier for patients to comply with replacement schedule recommendations.
Research shows that patients who purchase an annual supply of contact lenses are more likely to replace their lenses on schedule, which results in healthier eyes. This is why an “Annual Supply” may help lens wearers remember to replace their contact lenses on schedule, thereby maintaining the comfort and vision they expect from their lenses. By replacing contact lenses on schedule, the likelihood of discomfort is reduced.

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