How to take care of Eye's redness? | Eye Redness

Red-eye(s) is the condition in which the white surface around the black eye becomes red or bloodshot.
The appearance of red eyes is caused by dilation of tiny blood vessels located between the white surface of your eye and the overlying transparent membrane called the conjunctiva. These tiny blood vessels become thicker (swollen) because of environment or lifestyle-related reasons or because of specific eye problems.

Red-eye(s) can occur in one or both the eyes and it can be presented with the following symptoms, including
• Over use of computer and mobile phones
• Irritation
• Burning
• Itching
• Dryness
• Pain
• Discharge
• Watery eyes
• Sensitivity to light
• Blurry vision
• Soapy water goes in to the eyes while taking bath
• Pollution
• Over use of contact lens

Environmental causes of red eyes include:
• Airborne allergens
• Air pollution
• Smoke
• Dry air
• Dust
• Airborne fumes
• Chemical exposure
• Overexposure to sunlight

Common solution for redness
• Avoid touching and rubbing of eyes.
• Do not splash water in the eyes (water can be splashed in the eyes in case of chemical injury etc.)
• Avoid using excessive gadgets screen unnecessarily.
• Usage of protective glasses (sun goggles).
• Dust books in open areas to reduce the amount of dust and dirt that accumulates on books then read them.
• Avoid going in the parks (flowers area), playing and sleeping with pets.
• Teachers should maintain one hand distance (should stand in front of the chalkboard) while writing on the chalkboard.
• Refractive correction
• Avoid direct air conditioner vent towards face and eyes.
• Best way to consult with your eye doctor.